Dr. Kevin Anding
Tel.: 01701227951

My mission.

Hire me if you need efficient marketing communication in a digital world. I am a highly skilled expert in science communication with a doctoral degree in literary studies. I am guided by an entrepreneurial spirit, avoiding academic domestication,and fighting for solutions that fit into your institutional needs.

I am working with professional web agencies on plattforms like WORDPRESS, TYPO3, DRUBAL or others if this is what you need for your solution. As a team me and my partners guide you through the process from analysing your current situation and suggesting different solutions that will help you satisfy your institutional needs. But we do not stop if it comes to the creation of communication measures like websites, direct marketing tools , social media or more innovative ways to reach your target audience. Me and my team are your partner for scientific marketing for research institutes, universities or companies with a focus on research and education.

I achieved my skills and competences working as a local reporter, press officer for IT companies and research institutions like the German Leibniz Association. I am in science management for more than 7 years now which makes me a professional in communication and marketing.


web design

Creating websites with content management systems or in blank html. Our websites are innovative communcation solutions to reach your target audience on every device needed. Therefore we create responsive designs, SEO optimized content and site structures, integrated chat and bot tools to directly interact with your audience.


communication design

Reach your target audience in an individual and efficient way. I help you defining your key message by learning more about your unique strengths and your ways to communicate what's relevant for your target audience.


digital strategy

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